Lets Talk… Eyelash Extensions

I’m really not a morning person, the thought of needing to wake up extra early to do my makeup for work is a no go… Recently, I’ve been getting eyelash extensions done, it’s a great feeling knowing I don’t need to waste time putting on mascara when my lashes are perfect at all times! I was a little hesitant to get my eyelashes done though as I sleep with my face down so in the past with the eyelash extensions, they’ve just dropped out very quickly. However, this time round I went 4 weeks until my top up and they still looked as good as new! Thanks to the lovely Kate from Lovely Lashes & Brows! You can find her facebook page here ♥


Each human eye has roughly 100 eyelashes and our lash life cycle is usually 6 weeks. I’m lucky as I have lots and lots of lashes for the extensions to attach onto, I always have the volume ones for the extra oomph! Kate uses Nova American Volume lashes on me, they are very lightweight, not heavy at all. Also very soft and fluffy which I love! Kate took her time to look at my eye shape and explain it all to me, she made sure they suited my eye perfectly. Many people always think that lash extensions ruin your natural lashes, but as long as you have a highly trained lash tech applying them and you look after them with great care they’ll last well.


After – the whole process took around 2 hours.


Frequently asked questions:

  • Can you wear makeup? – Yes, personally I haven’t worn much eyeshadow or eyeliner with them so I can’t advise too much on whether its OK, but I did ask Kate and she said it isn’t a problem. You just need to be careful when using oil products around the eyelash extensions, it’s probably best to use no oil based products around them really as it can loosen the glue.
  • Can you wear mascara? – I’m going to say no. You are getting eyelash extensions, there is no need to put on an extra product, besides it would probably be hard to take the mascara off without ruining your new lashes!
  • Does it hurt during application? – Nope! In fact, I usually fall asleep when getting these done! It’s super relaxing and Kate is very gentle.
  • How much does it cost? – Prices variate per lash tech and which products are being used. I pay £60 for a new full set and then £20 for top-ups. worth the money 100%
  • What are they made out of? – They can be made from varying materials, synthetic, cashmere, silk or unfortunately mink.
  • How do I remove them? – DON’T remove them at home! Always get your lash tech to remove them for you professionally.


I have the extensions on in this picture, how amazing do they look!! so does my bestie! Both done by Kate 🙂

Overall, I absolutely love my eyelash extensions! I love seeing Kate every few weeks to get them topped up for a chit chat and to get my lashes done. I always leave with incredible lashes and feeling more confident. You can easily become addicted to them though, I sure am. If you’re in the Gloucestershire area, I would recommend going to Lovely Lashes & Brows 100%! I am actually getting mine removed next week as I want to try the LVL lashes! I shall keep you updated…


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